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Peasville How All Started???

Peasville started in 1990 when author Richard Kontos found a dried up pea on top of a pizza in a Brisbane, Australia, Pizza Hut restaurant. He and his dining companions tossed the pea from side to side and rolled it round giving it quaint names like Inspector Peabobby, Sweetpea, Snowpea and other names all referring to peas.

Richard felt the desire to write down a story he had in his mind about this pea and asked the waitress for a piece of paper and a pencil. She gave him a serviette and a typical sawn-off pencil, and the first story was written there and then. After that Richard still had inspirations of stories about peas, and during the rest of that year 6 more stories were written and the Tiny Town of Peasville was born. At the end of the first twelve months, Peasville was nothing more than a hobby for Richard. However, upon hearing one of his stories read out aloud after church, he noticed the expressions on peoples' faces and a number of people came up to him and said that the story was great and he should continue writing. In the following year Richard wrote 25 more story books about the Tiny Town of Peasville.

In 1993, the author Richard Kontos shut out everything in his life and concentrated on the job at hand, building a town called Peasville, writing stories and bringing the whole concept to life. All the characters were developing, each one receiving its own personality, the streets of the town were named, and associated aspects such as street layout, houses, house numbers, who lived in which house, etc. were established.The whole Peasville plan started coming together.

Today there are 250 different characters -- 15 main characters, 25 co-stars and the rest are walk-throughs and others created for special books. The town planning is complete, and all the characters know where they live.

Richard has written over 426 stories, along with an opera, pantomimes, video and movie scripts, all with a non-violent theme, for young children. What we need to do is start getting the Peasville Stories out into the market place.
To do this I need your help. I have had a few marketeers offer me world distribution contracts. As we hear all the time some of these people are unscrupulous.. The ones I meet wanted to own Peasville and change it to what they wanted. with violence added. I didn't want that, I wanted to give the Children of the world a theme in e books and animation without that overpowering adult connotation and dark humour and blatant satanic and black magic productions that our children just don't need. This is the first of over 426 books. Please watch for more from me re animation and a Studio to Produce my work and that of the 48 Volunteers that make up Peasville. WE DO THIS BECAUSE WE LOVE TO DO IT.

We need your help to start producing our product for the children of the world to enjoy what we have developed, we cannot get our work out into the market without your help. Having the wrong people buying into Peasville would mean that eventually someone else would be calling the shots, on the direction that our work heads. With your help we can stay an Independent Studio, even though at present we work out of a bunch of bedrooms and carriages. The people that I have attracted to Peasville all have the same heart set. The welfare of children, while we still enjoy our collective artistic flare. It's easy to blow up a bridge in books and animation instead of working through a scene using our talent, without violence, without aggression. So please help us keep control and grow into the world.

If you are in the same position that we are as artists, you can still help and that would be appreciated. Tell your friends with young children about Peasville. Look at Google us (Peasville) and click on "image". Your screen will become a flare of color. That's us.

God Bless!!!

'Peasville will never contain violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude'
Mr. Authorpeadick

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