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There are many ways to partner with Peasville Studios

Let’s say you would like to be part of the Peasville marketing program at a limited level. This could be done this way. You pay for the production of one of our product/s. For this exercise, we will use a Peasville Book. The books cost from beginning to end, including distribution and marketing on the world book market at approximately $5,000. After 10,000 sales at $10, would return around $100,000. Royalties would be the first split. This includes the writer, illustrator, colour artist, distributors and so on. That would leave around $40,000 to be split between you and the Company. The split on this funding deal would be a 50/50% deal on the $40,000 + -. You could use any of the mediums that Peasville works in now and in the future. Peasville is a built environment for children. A place without violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude. A safe place for children There are many ways to partner with Peasville Studios. Please contact us via the From details on the 'contact us' page to discuss what you have in mind.


This presentation represents Management’s current estimate of the future potential of the business. It must be recognised that no business is free from inherent risks and that no presentation is free from errors and omissions. It is suggested that investors are aware of the pitfalls of any new venture. Contact the company for a face to face meeting 0457324475.

'Peasville will never contain violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude'
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