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It all Started With a Pea...

Peasville started in 1990 when author Richard Kontos found a dried up pea on top of a pizza in a Brisbane pizza restaurant. He and his dining companions tossed the pea from side to side and rolled it round giving it quaint names like Inspector Peabobby, Sweetpea, Snowpea and other names all referring to peas.

Richard felt the desire to write down a story he had in his mind about this pea and asked the waitress for a piece of paper and a pencil. She gave him a serviette and a typical sawn-off pencil, and the first story was written there and then. After that, Richard still had inspirations of stories about peas. During the rest of that year, 6 more stories were written and the Tiny Town of Peasville was born. At the end of the first twelve months, Peasville was still only a hobby for Richard. However, upon hearing one of his stories read out aloud after church, he noticed the expressions on peoples' faces. A number of people came up to him and said that the story was great and he should continue writing. In the following year Richard wrote 25 more story books about the Tiny Town of Peasville.

In 1993, Richard shut out everything in his life and concentrated on the job at hand, writing more stories and bringing the whole concept together. All the characters were developed, with their own personality, and the town planning was completed with associated aspects such as street names, layout, houses, house numbers and who lived in which house, etc.

The whole Peasville plan started coming together.

Today there are 65 different characters -- 15 main characters, 22 'critters', and the rest are walk-throughs.

A dance troupe of children has conducted 'Peasville On Parade', with life-sized Peasville characters in shopping centres and art centres, etc.

Richard has written over 300 stories, along with an opera, pantomimes, video and movie scripts. The stories all contain a non-violent theme for young children and Richard has licenced Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd to further develop the theme.

The Companies

Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd (ACN 067 287 898) is an internationally trademarked commercial organisation whose World Headquarters are situated on the southern fringe of Brisbane, that is within 40 minutes' drive from the Gold Coast.

Our prime charter is to develop and market stories and related merchandise from author Richard Kontos. Richard has written over 300 stories with a non-violent theme for young children and has licenced Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd to further develop the theme. The stories are adventures of the Peamunchkins in and around the Tiny Town of Peasville.

The main activity of Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd is co-ordinating the manufacturing and marketing of merchandise based on the theme known as Peasville. Printed proudly on all Peasville product merchandise is the author's guarantee:

'Peasville will never contain violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude.'

Experience & Skills

Since 1993, Richard has gathered a dedicated team of expert staff to assist in the development of the Peasville concept. Mainly on a voluntary contract basis.

Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd has collective management and marketing experience that includes: Animators, Graphic Artists, A Childrens' TV Presenter, Producers, Directors and Camera operators.

Most of the staff of Peasville have worked with Richard for many years, and recent expansion includes more experts in artistic fields.

Mr. Authorpeadick's Peasville Studios Pty Ltd operates in several countries including India, Pakistan, China and USA.

Why we spread the Word

There are many moral reasons why we spread the word! This is just one. The amount of violence in animation, on Television, Movies, Games and other programs for children is growing.

The latest statistics show that there are, on average, 88 violent acts per half hour in so-called children's animation. An “R” rated Rambo movie contains 11 violent acts on average per hour, against 88 violent acts, on average, per half hour on children's programs. Children's games are another thing altogether, with over 1 violent act per second.

This and the growing amount of adult connotation and blatant satanic rituals is having a marked effect on our children.The average child does not differentiate between animated TV programs and reality.

So our children learn to play “As seen on TV and in Games”

No child should be subjected to such junk. But how can they escape it, when the average child will watch 22,000 hours of TV before they reach 10?

This means: 22,000 hours x 176 violent acts per hour = 3,872,000 VIOLENT ACTS before they reach 10 years of age! And we wonder what's wrong with our society?

Help us make a difference. Join us in the Peasville Studios' project.

Peasville will never allow violence in content or animation and will be totally without adult suggestiveness.

Peasville is a built environment with the welfare of our children at heart. When it came to marketing Peasville multiple options were researched, including Networking, Direct Mail, Party Plan, Franchising, E Sales and Licencing.

After extensive trials of product acceptance using networking and party plan, we made the decision to proceed with a sales methodology of marketing in Australia through retail outlets, Franchising of certain segments, and Licencing companies to manufacture and distribute Peasville themed merchandise in other countries.

Network Marketing

On the 8th of February 1994, a party plan system was started with a group of distributors test marketing the Peasville concept. The first Distributors were given the ability to establish downlines to increase the volume of sales and give us a true reading of the product mix and consumer reaction towards the Peasville concept and its merchandise through schools, Day Care Centres, P & C fund raising activities, Party Plan etc. This process was carried on for 8 months. Once our figures and projections were proven, it was time to look at marketing Peasville in the retail sector, with the world as our market place.

Direct sales

Peasville has a unique direct marketing concept through its Birthday Club and colouring sheets that were distributed throughout Australia, developing a data base of customers.

These customers are babes-in-arms through to 18-year-olds. Peasville Direct then dispatches a birthday card, brochure, how-to-purchase plan and other pieces of information for parents and guardians.

Direct marketing is growing in popularity. With the Myer group establishing Myer Direct (now producing over 30% of current sales Australia wide) it is a growing and accepted means of merchandising. This concept will have changed by the time I finished writing this document. These days it all happens very fast.

Through Peasville Direct, Peasville Studios can target-market directly to the end user. Every time a new product or product range is established in Peasville a catalogue is produced and posted out to the entire data base.


After 8 months of test marketing, it was seen that the business was being restricted by the (then) current methods of marketing, listed above. Intense investigation of alternative marketing strategies indicated that Franchising was one viable option.

Initially, with the start-up costs in mind, it was decided to investigate franchising of some Peasville products separately - the Dance Troupes and Live stage shows were areas investigated. It became obvious that franchising related product lines could cause administrative problems, so the franchising option has been limited to offering only a few of the potential Peasville products to interested parties.

Peasville staff attended both the Brisbane and Sydney Franchise Exhibitions in 1995, resulting in many expressions of interest. These ranged from taking on a distribution Franchise for specific areas, through to interest in financing specific production areas.


Licencing is now seen as the most viable way to quickly expand the range of Peasville products overseas. In future years, licencing may be the method used within Australia.

The diverse range of Peasville Company Segments, from the Peasville Critter Factory to Peasville Banking, present a unique structure that lends itself more to product licencing than any other marketing and development option.

Test marketing was established by the Peasville characters, visiting the preschools and junior schools and identifying the reaction of young children to the Peasville characters, music, books etc.

A lot of thought was put in to every aspect of our theme right down to the placement height of the eyes of the live characters, children related to the Characters because the eye level was on an even plain to theirs. It was noted that other characters that have their eyes above the head of the child created a distrust between the high character and the child. This was a serious aspect to the development of the Peasville theme.

We have established this criteria with each and every aspect of Peasville.

Similar notes were recorded with trial runs of the Peasville animation. The animation was shown on a large screen with several children from ages 2 to 6 while we record the children's reaction to the colour action and likability of the Peasville characters.

Children from the age of 7 and up started to wane in their viewing habits and became restless and disinterested so it was established that our demographic age bracket would be 1-7 years of age, specifically targeting the 4 year olds as the center of the age demographic bracket.

Peasville products are unique.

The stories are developed for young children of all walks of life, aged from 1 - 6 years and upward.There is no other Australian-based theme like this. Totally developed in Australia, the Peasville environment is totally free of any violence or adult themes. Every story is written with the children in mind, with education and entertainment to stretch the child's imagination and involves the child in adventures and learning experiences that allow a healthy development of their social skills.

Printed proudly on all Peasville product merchandise is the author's guarantee: 'Peasville will never contain violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude.'

'Peasville will never contain violence or adult connotation in animation or attitude'
Mr. Authorpeadick

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